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TYPO3 International Meetup Days is the expression of our dedication to Open Source and Community. It is also the manifest of our belief that TYPO3 is the best open source CMS for enterprise-level projects and that all web developers, from any part of our world, should have the chance to learn about it and to discover the great opportunities that it offers.

As members of the TYPO3 community, we hold true and live by its motto: “inspiring people to share!”. We are strongly connected and, at the same time, totally open. We welcome everybody, and we aim to be truly global. 

T3IMD is the opportunity to create connections like never before. 

  • If you are a web developer and want to learn more about TYPO3 CMS, how open source communities work, what learning and working opportunities are available, join T3IMD!
  • If you are a software agency doing web development and you want to know how TYPO3 can bring you more business, join T3IMD!
  • If you are already part of our TYPO3 community and you want to connect to new people, to find new potential colleagues and maybe business partners, join T3IMD and give a hand in spreading further the knowledge about TYPO3!

The event of TYPO3 International Meetup Days will happen on the 16th of December 2020, from 7.30 AM to 11.30 PM CET.

The topics will be very varied and if you have any idea for a discussion you can propose it. For example, we will approach subjects like:

  • Why should you learn TYPO3 CMS: What it is, How it works, Why is it the best in its class?
  • The Community Way - why you should join and contribute to the open-source community.
  • Showcasing TYPO3 - Discussion Panel presenting remarkable cases of using TYPO3 in government, education, corporations, and other areas.

During the entire day, you can network with the other participants, exchange contact data, and even have a direct one to one calls through the online conference platform Hopin. Even more, we will have plenty of entertainment, games, quizzes, and great prizes!

Join Hopin's platform:

Join Facebook page:

#t3imd our Twitter page!

T3IMD is a not-for-profit event and is independently organized by a group of members of the TYPO3 community, formed by members of the organizing team of TYPO3 East Europe and other volunteers. This is not an official event of the TYPO3 Association, and it is not a commercial event. 

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