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Webmaster at Qué
Gouvernement du Québec

For the last 3 years, Patrick has been the webmaster and technical team leader behind website, the official website of Québec's Government. It is one of the most popular TYPO3 website in North America, reaching more than 150 million pages views this year. He has been promoting TYPO3 since 2003, inviting Kasper Skårhøj, TYPO3's cretor, to Québec City in 2004 to demonstrate the power and flexibility of the product. Patrick participated in many T3Boards, T3CON, both in the USA and Germany and organized T3CON-NA 2012 in Québec City. He is also a guitarist, making his own music and building pedal effects as a hobby.


Presentation - TYPO3 and the Québec Government - A success story

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