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The First step - Create an account in the Hopin platform

 Please make sure that you have already created an account in Hopin.  After that, you can join our event on the platform!

 If you need any assistance with the Hopin account or attending the event, please contact us on We are here to support you!



The Second step - Complete your profile account                                                                                                        

After you join the TYPO3 International Meetup Days event on Hopin, you should complete your Profil account

By participating in the event on 16th December 2020, you join the TYPO3 community, and we want to know who we are addressing.

This is an opportunity to interact and get to know each other!

Today TYPO3 is global!

The Third Step - Enjoy the T3IMD event!

Let's take advantage of an online conference and get to know each other. We want to help everyone to understand all about TYPO3 CMS and our community.

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